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JiJi Math

ST_Math_and_ST_Fluency Card IconST Math and ST Fluency

ST Math "JiJi" Johnson third to sixth grade students will have access to this computer program, which uses spatial and temporal reasoning to present and teach mathematical concepts.  The JiJi MIND Institute Program offers:
  • Innovative visual approach teaches math concepts
  • Comprehensive coursework aligns to state standards
  • Increases state standardized test scores for students
  • Game metaphor engages students who have struggled with conventional approaches in math and learning
  • Language-independent software lessons reduce the language barrier to learning math
  • RAMP™ instructional design reaches students at every level of academic proficiency
  • Innovative games train students in multi-step problem-solving
  • Self-paced coursework makes teaching easier and more productive
ST Math®: Fluency, helps students build math fluency – defined by the National Math Panel as accurate, quick, and effortless retrieval of basic math facts. The use of animated virtual manipulatives enables an intuitive process of learning that makes basic math fact recall effortless. This automaticity frees students’ working memory for problem-solving. Key to the success of all MIND Research programs is the depth of research that informs its instructional design. Research points to the need to free up working memory in order to allow students to avoid getting slowed down by basic calculations when learning and applying mathematics at a later stage. MIND’s unique visual approach ensures that students memorize their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts while gaining a solid conceptual understanding of the operations.