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Report Cards

Progress Reports are to be sent home:

Trimester 1 - September 22
Trimester 2 - January 12
Trimester 3 - April 20

Report Cards are to be sent home:

Trimester 1 - November 16/17 during Parent/Teacher Conferences
Trimester 2 - March 2
Trimester 3 - June 1

Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the student's parent/guardian or send the parent/guardian a written report. (Education Code 49067) The purpose of the Progress Report is to provide the student and the parent/guardian with a written record informing them about the level of the student’s performance in meeting district standards. Progress Reports/written notification of concerns should be sent prior to the formal Report Card being sent home to allow parents/guardians time to address areas of concern and help their student to improve.